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Geometry Dash Mod Apk v2.2.13  (Unlimited Currency/Menu)

App Name: Geometry Dash
2.2.13 for Android Updated on Tue Jan 23 10:33:01 CST 2024
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Geometry Dash MOD Info
Geometry Dash MOD Info MOD Info :
Unlimited Currency/Menu
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The description of Geometry Dash Unlimited Currency/Menu

Geometry Dash Mod Apk

A colorful icon flying in a fun music space is the main feature of Geometry Dash MOD APK. Several obstacles stand in your way during your journey. Due to the game's relatively difficult challenges, you won't be surprised by the sudden stop. Players' hand speed and observation abilities are tested in Geometry Dash. You can practice the gameplay in practice mode to become comfortable with it, which is not new, but difficult to understand at first. The same mistakes were made several times in the same spot when I tried it out. Spikes, jagged dense arrangement and spikes need to be overcome quickly. In this game, you can easily get inhibited if you play in a hurry.

During your free time, you can play numerous challenging levels of Geometry Dash, the most addictive jump and flight game. By continuously tapping your smartphone screen, you need to steer your Character around the difficult obstacles. Creating levels yourself is one of the unique features of this game. You can create your own levels if you're bored of regular ones. Jumping and flying the character is all that matters in the gameplay to skip through risky passages and big obstacles.


With Geometry Dash Mod Apk, you can experience a variety of things while playing. The platforms will allow you to overcome thorny obstacles. The first thing you will notice is that there will be obstacles when you arrive. Keeping yourself mentally prepared is key

to avoiding them. In this game, players progress deeper and deeper into the game as they become more familiar with its features. It will be more difficult to observe and judge each stage of the challenges as they unfold. For the coming events, they should remain calm instead of being in a hurry. A variety of game levels can be experienced in this game. Your surroundings will be observed in 2D at the most basic level. As the player, your goal is to help the character (the cube) reach the finish line by controlling its horizontal movement. There's more to control than the experience.

It is important that you explore all the controls available to you. Screens will have different gates based on their characteristics. In this portal, you will control the character differently than when you entered it before. This means you will not have time to relax since you will have to prepare for the new controls immediately. In addition to missile control, reverse control is another control that should be mentioned. Your vehicle will guide missiles through obstacles and control them as you go. It can be raised or lowered to dodge. A mode's end will be accompanied by a new mode's beginning.

Players are attracted to Geometry Dash Mod Apk because of its diverse obstacle system. The game features many obstacles with unique mechanics that players will encounter as the game progresses. Thorns, gears, spikes, and other obstacles can be found on the path. As well as making the game more exciting, changing the scene will also help you feel more engaged. If the character is participating in a deep-sea environment, he or she will often sit in a submersible. To win the game, we believe you will need quick reflexes and high concentration. It is not only logically arranged, but also very challenging. In the process, they always seem to be promising to create a sense of suspense during the experience for players.


Training Mode

Players can practice their skills and improve their level in Geometry Dash's practice mode in addition to challenging times. Participating in the main game rounds increases your experience by practicing regularly. Choosing characters and customizing their form and color are the first steps in the experience. There are endless levels in the game where a personality can appear and be ready to run. A dangerous obstacle-filled running track also challenges players with jump missions.

Secrets Doors

There are three secret doors in the game, each of which has vibrant colors. When you collect 10 silver coins, the first door will be opened, The Vault. Online game screens use them quite a bit. In addition, to enter the Vault of Secrets, you must have 50 diamonds. A player must have enough diamonds to open the top secret door in the Chamber of Time between two separate interfaces in order to unlock it.

New Characters Icons

In Geometry Dash Mod Apk, players can choose from a variety of characters. Having fun with the game for a long time will help them feel more excited. A simple design makes it easy to identify most of the icons in this game. A pinwheel, a square, an animal, and many other forms are examples. Aside from that, you can choose a specific color for the icon. In the game, players can choose from more than 24 colors to customize their characters.

Improve your Skills

Players can improve their skill by playing Geometry Dash. Due to your familiarity with the controls and quick observations, you are able to navigate through the levels easily. If you wish to gain real experience from this game, you should play it many times. Persistence is also necessary.

Use Boosters

Boosters are the best way to gain an advantage in the game. You can jump higher with some of these, and you can slow down time with others. In order to get a solid score, you need to use these tips.

Level Editor

Through the Level Editor, players can continue to create new level options, allowing them to test their creativity. Also, the game Geometry Dash's open life offers guarantees that the community enjoys developing content and challenges.

Customization Options

There are numerous customization options available in games, such as character looks, icon replacements, and many others that give a sense of personalization to the player.

Gravity Manipulation

Gravity manipulation is one of the features that make Geometry Dash Mod so great. Playing through dynamic and challenging levels allows the player to change gravity. The developer designed this game to test a user's flexibility and expertise while keeping the game challenging and innovative.

Mod Features

Mod Menu

Unlocked All

Unlimited Money


No Ads

Unlimited Currency

Premium Sound Quality

Anti Ban

Great SoundTracks

No Limitations

Smooth Gameplay

No human verification required


Question 1: Is Geometry Dash free to play?

Answer: Lite and full versions of Geometry Dash are available, each with additional features and content. There are limited options available in the Lite version, while there are a variety of game modes and customization options available in the full version.

Question 2: How difficult is Geometry Dash?

Answer: Featuring easy to extremely challenging levels, Geometry Dash is a game that will challenge every player. To succeed in the game, players must possess fast reflexes, precise timing, and strategic planning as they advance through the levels.

Question 3: Geometry Dash: How can I improve my skills?

Answer: Practicing, being patient, and persevering are essential for improving in Geometry Dash. With repetition, players can master the principles of the game, learn how levels are laid out, and hone their reflexes. Watching gameplay tutorials, studying strategies, and watching gaming tutorials can also improve skills when you get advice from experienced players.

Final Verdict

Straight out of the box, you can play Geometry Dash Mod Apk. Once you download, install, and get it, you're ready to go. You won't have to remember any codes or in-game purchases since everything you need is in the game. There are a number of flash stores where you can obtain this game, along with high-quality sound and visuals. A game like Geometry Dash is certainly worth checking out if you have never played one before. You will definitely enjoy this game if you enjoy platform games with endless levels. Even without a controller, you should still try the game, as its physics make it a good fit for a controller.

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Additional Information

Category: Casual Publisher: RobTop Games Requirements: Android 5.0+ Publish Date: Tue Jan 23 10:33:01 CST 2024

Geometry Dash Unlimited Currency/Menu 2.2.13 Update
Updated on Tue Jan 23 10:33:01 CST 2024
Update 2.205 Patch Notes

- Changed Platformer default sliding.
- Added more Platformer sliding options.
- Added in-depth Demon/Stars/Moon display on profile.
- Added coyote time when jumping off platforms in Platformer.
- Added Practice mode to Platformer.
- Added option to see hitboxes in Practice mode.
- Changed how profile statistics are displayed.
- Lowered the prices on many of the new items.
- Added new editor tools.
- Added fast menu.
- Lots of bugfixes and tweaks.


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