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Subway Surfers Mod Apk v3.29.1  (Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys)

App Name: Subway Surfers
3.29.1 for Android Updated on Thu May 23 17:26:44 CST 2024
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Subway Surfers MOD Info
Subway Surfers MOD Info MOD Info :
Subway Surfers Map Mods inside
1. Added Greece/Subway cityxmas/Luoyang/Arabia/Shenzhen [5 new maps], currently supports 53 map switching, you can switch between different map scenes, and experience different parkour fun!
2. Add perfect archive, unlock 100+ hidden characters, a large number of skateboards, unlock all achievements, a large number of gold coins, keys, and full talent.
3.Hack/Mod Menu
(1) Invincible
(2) No ads
(3) Continuous jump
(4) 30 points multiplier
(5) Unlimited gold coins
(6) Unlimited keys
(7) Infinite Skateboard
(8) Unlimited props
(9) Unlock all characters
(10) Game acceleration
(11)people get smaller
(12)people get bigger
Kind tips:
1. Before using the mod for the first time, please wait for the game to be loaded before using it
2. If the map is not switched successfully after using the mod, please uninstall and reinstall the game and try again
3. If the ON/OFF of the module map cannot be used, please restart the game
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Subway Surfers(Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys) screenshot image 2_playmods.net
Subway Surfers(Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys) screenshot image 3_playmods.net
Subway Surfers(Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys) screenshot image 4_playmods.net
Subway Surfers(Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys) screenshot image 5_playmods.net
Subway Surfers(Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys) screenshot image 6_playmods.net
Subway Surfers(Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys) screenshot image 7_playmods.net
The description of Subway Surfers Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys

Subway Surfers Mod Apk

With a plot involving Jake, Tricky, Fresh, and inspectors, Subway Surfers MOD APK comes with a menu, unlimited money, God mode, and fly. Several characters were painted dirty and found at a train station in this simple story. A chase ensues from there. The police officer behind you will catch you right away if you hit an obstacle while on the road. It offers players a lot of interesting experiences when it comes to Subway Surfers MOD's non-stop running mode. There are always surprises around every corner, which make players feel like they're going from one surprise to another. Unfortunately, you may also be caught up in the rumors if you are easily swayed. You can easily escape from the inspector's control due to the sharp characteristics.

The publisher SYBO Games is known for creating popular games like this. Players are drawn to the game's captivating storyline and popular, simple gameplay. As part of the adventure to conquer the exit, some challenges will have to be overcome on the tracks. As well as owning valuable assets such as gold coins, keys, you can also make use of the opportunity to earn money.


Many players enjoy playing Subway Surfers with this mod because it makes the game easier to understand while still being challenging. A straight axis with three train tracks will be controlled automatically by the player. With a horizontal swipe, you can toggle between these three tracks. As well as overcoming obstacles, you must jump over them or pass them by. You might face obstacles such as a ship or a block. You are responsible for responding and solving them as quickly as possible. There are many players who can access the game, but you cannot consistently advance your character too far. Subway surfers mod scores increase as the multiplier increases. Moreover, you can also try the Real Steel Boxing Champions game.

To increase the multiplier, you must complete quests to gain more points. Additionally, challenges are always an important aspect of the game, providing the player with a sense of achievement. Your highest scores in all your games reflect this desire to break your limits. The further you go, the more items you pick up, so when you gain a new score, you also feel complete satisfaction.

While playing Subway Surfers Mod Apk, players will pick up gold as often as they can since gold helps them get many things. In this way, you can continue to run despite hitting a train, thanks to items such as skateboards. Likewise, you can also pick up a wide variety of useful items on the run that will help you in a number of different ways. Players will hesitate to pick these items up since they seem dangerous since they appear random. As well as sucking up gold coins, they are also capable of sucking up magnets, which is very useful.

However, upgrading these items will take time if you wish to prolong their effects. There are many characters in the game with different looks so that the player does not get bored with one. There are, however, some characters that won't be fully unlocked unless they meet certain conditions. Among them is the token. These items that the character requires must be picked up in a certain amount. After finishing the run, this character can be used to experience the run. New characters Lana and Darry will be introduced to players in this version.

In terms of graphics, Subway Surfers Mod Apk is the most impressive Arcade game. Colorful images and vibrancy are featured in each frame of the game created in a 3D chibi style. As you progress, the scenery will change depending on which level you are in. Moreover, many countries' topics will also be updated regularly, such as Japan, Russia, and the USA, so players' adventures will be diverse and interesting. Subway Surfers offers players exciting moments with every scene, character, and movement.


Power Ups

The presence of power-ups makes a game even more enjoyable. You can use items in this category for a limited time to gain special benefits. Throughout the game, you will be able to use tons of items. Running faster will be easier if you wear sneakers. Additionally, coins around you are collected automatically by a magnet. The jetpack allows you to collect coins and power-ups in the sky, which makes this game one of the most unique.

Diverse Obstacles

Trams and slides are just some of the obstacles along the way. A player's journey is constantly interrupted by them, and if the player touches one, the screen will halt since the inspector and dog will catch them at that point. To win this game, you must demonstrate ingenuity and flexibility. Become a global ranking champion in Subway Surfers if you can confidently win many levels. How good are you at what you do? Prove it with a score.

Don't Stop

Characters will run non-stop under the control of players. A stop by the inspector will result in the player being caught immediately. The player's character is hindered by obstacles throughout the track. In order to avoid being seen by the inspector, please control your character skillfully. When you run, avoid stationary trains, barriers, trolleys, and sack carts carrying goods. You can also exchange coins for support tools by collecting as many coins as you can. Those players will have a better chance of winning. All coins can be attracted with magnets. By using the rocket, you can escape the inspector's sight by flying high.

Character System

There are many different styles and colors of characters in Subway Surfers Mod Apk, offering a very diverse character system. The character Jake will be your free companion when you begin the game. In addition, more characters can be unlocked by collecting enough coins. It is possible to explore a lot of characters in this game, such as dinosaur Dino, Fresh, and Tricky.

Multiple Locations

While this game has subways as its main theme, the developers change the locations periodically. As updates are released, the subway location and main game elements change. Because of this, the game doesn't become boring. There is a Parisian setting in the game's current update.

Mod Features

All Hoverboards Unlocked

There are times when we are stuck in a panic situation and can't decide what to do next. If this situation arises, Hoverboards can protect you from passing objects and trains. All premium hoverboards were unlocked in this Subway Surfers MOD APK, so you don't have to worry about spending coins.

Unlimited Jetpacks

In order to boost your game starting, you can use a variety of upgrades. A jetpack allows you to fly without encountering any obstacles in the air. With this mod Apk, you will get unlimited jetpacks and maximum duration jetpacks, which is not available by default.

Unlimited Keys

You must keep running without getting caught in order to get to the top of the leaderboard. To make sure you can revive yourself as many times as you like, it offers you unlocked unlimited keys. You can save yourself if you've been caught by the Inspector by clicking the 'Save me' button.

1.High graphics

2.Smooth gameplay

3.Ads Free

4.All outfit unlocked

5.Anti Ban

6.Free to Play

7.Maximum upgrades duration

8.Unlimited 2x multiplier


Question 1: Can you ever finish Subway Surfers?

Answer: There is no such thing as an endless runner in Subway Surfers. The only thing you need to worry about is avoiding trains and obstacles! Getting caught in the game is the only way to end the game. You can explore cities across the globe by swiping, so keep going!

Question 2: Is the Subway Surfers safe for kids?

Answer: The colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay of the game have made it popular among children and teenagers. Because Subway Surfers does not contain any explicit or inappropriate content, it is considered a safe app for kids.

Question 3: Who is the hardest person to get in Subway Surfers?

Answer: There is no doubt that limited edition characters like Zombie Jake and Elf Tricky are the toughest to obtain in Subway Surfers. There is only a limited time when these characters are available, making them exceptionally rare.

Question 4: Who is the zombie girl in Subway Surfers?

Answer: Zoe has purple eyebrows and choppy, short hair. A milky white-gray eye and light green skin characterize her appearance.

Final Verdict

With the highest revenue of all time, Subway Surfers Mod Apk is undeniably the greatest Endless Runner game. Playing the game, reading the plot, and especially looking at the graphics are sure to appeal to you. A highlight of the game is the vibrant sound system as well. As a result, you shouldn't be concerned about its attractiveness. Download the game completely free and quickly by clicking on the APK link below.

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Additional Information

Category: Casual Publisher: SYBO Games Requirements: Android 5.1+ Publish Date: Thu May 23 17:26:44 CST 2024

Subway Surfers Map Mods inside/Unlimited Coins/Keys 3.29.1 Update
Updated on Thu May 23 17:26:44 CST 2024
Bug Fixes

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